Testing MultiMix

With the MultiMix modules you make optimum use of the storage space if different sized articles are to be packed.

  • The MultiMix module Shipping Container Selection identifies for each picking order from the list of available shipping containers that shipping container with the smallest volume that can hold the picked articles.
  • The MultiMix module Mixed Pallet Loading minimizes the number of pallets needed when picking larger orders with different articles on pallets or similar load carriers.
  • The MultiMix module HGV/Container Loading ensures optimal use of the transport capacities of HGVs, containers and other large load carriers.

Please test our MultiMix modules. With this time-limited full version you can personally convince yourself that MultiMix also reduces your costs. Request your test version with this contact form or by E-Mail info@multiscience.de. You will receive a contract from us to lend the software, which you should sign and return. Or give us a short description of your application problem. We will help you then.