… optimizes the use of storage space of boxes, pallets as well as the use of storage space of trucks and containers if packages of an identical size and shape are used . We can offer an add-on to the basic version of MultiPack in the form of a two and three-stage analysis for the logistics-compatible dimensioning of new product packaging. With these powerful tools, packaging designers can guarantee an optimum match between product and outer packagings and the load carriers to be used.

We also offer MultiPack modules for packages with special contours as well as customized and sector-specific modular add-ons.

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… optimizes the use of storage space in containers, HGVs, semitrailers, railway wagons and ULDs when packages of different sizes are used as well as the use of storage space on pallets, in roller containers, shipping containers and other small load carriers. Customized and sector-specific modular add-ons are also offered for MultiMix.

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… is a customer-specific software system that controls palletizing and picking systems. This software system is based on MultiPack or MultiMix depending on the task. Software solutions that maximize the robot’s performance are offered for layer palletizers as well as various gripper designs (clamping gripper, fork gripper, vacuum gripper) in the robot.

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… supports the representation of the material flows in complex packaging systems from the feed of the individual article through to the complete pallet.

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