MultiPack For Layer Palletizers

This software system can show different configurations of a layer palletizer with up to four feed conveyors: systems with both clocked conveyors as well as those with fixed or variable stoppers. MultiPack for layer palletizers determines the distribution of the packages on the feed conveyors for each layer pattern, the resulting push-off operations as well as the timing of the belts and/or the stop positions for the individual packages. It also calculates how the desired layer pattern can be realized with the minimum number of stoppers and at which positions the stoppers have to be activated. It goes without saying that the push-off operation and the layer pattern on the pallet resulting from the pushing together of the packages are also visualized in 2-D or 3-D.

If only a limited number of packing patterns are used by the customer, MultiPack for layer palletizers can be used in the planning phase to optimize the system’s configuration.

Multipack for layer palletizers

Since layer palletizers are also being increasingly used for frequently changing package formats and layer patterns, easy and flexible programming is indispensible. MultiPack for layer palletizers generates all of the information needed to control the layer palletizer used, for example the feed direction of the packages, the feed gap and the number of stoppers to be activated as well as the push-off distance. This means that the layer palletizer can be quickly and easily programmed for the next palletizing job without any special knowledge of the control system.

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