MultiMix – overview

If a number of different articles have to be packed in shipping containers, stacked on mixed pallets or distributed on containers or other load carriers and means of transport, significant improvements can be achieved with the 3D storage suggestions made by the MultiMix modules: the optimum choice of shipping container generated by MultiMix, the minimization of the number of mixed pallets for a picking order and an optimum capacity utilization of the load carriers and means of transport used (e.g. HGVs, semitrailers, containers and swap bodies) leads to considerable savings in logistics costs and also improves the overall service, year for year.

MultiMix is offered to customers in three different modules:

The MultiMix module shipping container selection identifies the shipping container with the smallest volume from the list of available shipping containers (e.g. disposable packaging, reusable containers) that can hold the picked articles for each picking order.

The MultiMix module mixed pallet loading is used by our customers when picking larger orders with different articles on pallets, in roller containers and similar load carriers. The number of load carriers needed is minimized for each order, whereby the stability of the picked load units as well as the various customer- and article-specific requirements are taken into account.

The MultiMix module HGV/container loading maximizes the capacity utilization of the transport capacities of HGVs, containers, swap bodies and other large load carriers that are loaded with a mixture of pallets, crates, transport packaging, barrels, etc.

These intelligent and very efficient modules can either be used separately or combined according to specific customer needs.

All three modules have interfaces for data transfer and allow a comfortable management of the article and load carrier data relevant for the calculations performed by the mathematical algorithms integrated in MultiMix.

MultiMix can also be used to control palletizing and picking systems. The potential uses for these modules will be explained in more detail under Multi2Control.

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