Multi2Control – overview

Wherever large numbers of packages have to be packed onto pallets or other load carriers every day, an increasing number of large industrial and commercial enterprises are recognizing the great potential savings that can be made through an automation of the packing and picking processes both here, though also in the subsequent logistics processes.

Multiscience is amongst the international pioneers whose innovative software systems for the palletizing technology that has been developed creates the requirements for its efficient practical use.

Software systems developed by Multiscience have been in successful use for the automatic packing of packages of the same size by packaging robots or layer palletizers since 1995. The software systems MultiPack for Robots and MultiPack for Layer Palletizers were developed to depict the specific requirements and possible uses of these two technologies. These software systems are further developments of the standard software MultiPack. Customized further developments of MultiMix have also been used successfully by Multiscience since 1999 for automatic picking by robots: MultiMix for Robots.

Both software systems are used not only for operative applications. They are also indispensible in the planning phase. The problem during planning is to develop a robot configuration that is tailored to the specific operational requirements and tasks. On the basis of the operational data that is provided, different configurations of the robot hardware can be analysed in terms of their performance with software from Multiscience. The software systems from Multiscience therefore offer effective support in the planning and decision-making processes.

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