With MultiPack you can optimize the use of storage space on pallets, returnable containers and similarly the use of storage space in containers, HGVs, railway wagons and ULDs if these are to be loaded with packages of the same size.

MultiPack modules are being used by our customers for not only rectangular packages but also for cylindrical, conical, oval, hexagonal as well as complex forms of packaging.

We can offer an add-on to the basic version of MultiPack in the form of a two and three-stage analysis for the optimum dimensioning of new product packaging. These modules support the user during the optimum design of the primary, outer and transport packaging according to the pallets and/or shipping containers in use. Our customers constantly report back to us about their surprisingly high annual savings in logistics costs.

Economic benefits

Numerous medium-sized companies are still of the opinion that they do not need intelligent software to plan storage space since these problems can also be solved intuitively. The following example shows that the use of MultiPack is economical.

If you want to stack packages of a common size (275 x 215 x 200 mm) in layers on a 1200 x 800 mm euro-pallet up to a height of 1000 mm, you intuitively arrive at a layer pattern with 14 packages per layer and thus 70 packages per pallet. MultiPack calculates in a fraction of a second a layer plan with 15 boxes per layer and thus 75 packages per pallet.

Assuming that 10,500 packages are distributed per year, 150 pallets would be used annually on the basis of the intuitive solution and 140 pallets if MultiPack were used. With a cost rate of EUR 60 per pallet for storage, turnover and transport to the customer, this results in annual savings of EUR 600 in one’s own company for this article alone. What’s more, the customers also save if they can use the full pallet that is delivered to the full.

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